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IGI (based on EMI) Installation and Configuration

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CREAM CE installation and Configuration

Have a look to the section Repository Settings and ensure that you have the common repo files.
Before starting the installation procedure remember to clean all yum cache and headers:

yum clean all

The CREAM CE Services were tested with gLite WN SL5 x86_64 and also with ig_WN SL5 x86_64. We remember the Toque Server and client work only if the CE and the WN is SL5 x86_64 and the MAUI version is equal in the server and client side. Please update the WN if you have an old installation.

CREAM CE Prerequisites

Host certificate installation:

In the host were CREAM CE is intalled must be configured with X.509 certificates signed by a trusted Certification Authority (CA). Usually the hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem certificates are located in the /etc/grid-security/ directory, and they must have permission 0644 and 0400 respectively:

Check existence

[~]# ls -l /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem
-r-------- 1 root root 887 Mar 1 17:08 /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem
[~]# ls -l /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1440 Mar 1 17:08 /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem

Check expiration

[~]# openssl x509 -in hostcert.pem -noout -dates

Change permission: (if needed)

[~]# chmod 0400 hostkey.pem
[~]# chmod 0644 hostcert.pem

Batch System:

If you will use LSF (licences are needed). The server/client installation must be done manually. Have a look to Platform LSF documentation, whereas Torque server/client installation is included in the Toque metapackages.

CAs installation:

  • Install CAs on ALL profiles:
yum install ca-policy-egi-core

Service installation

* Install the CREAM CE metapackages, containing all packages needed. Have a look to the CREAM CE documentation before starting to install :System Administrator Guide.

yum install xml-commons-apis 
yum install emi-cream-ce

Batch system utility installation

After the installation of the CREAM CE metapackage it is necessary to install the batch system specific metapackage(s):

* If you are running Torque, and your CREAM CE node is the torque master, install the emi-torque-server and emi-torque-utils metapackages:

yum install emi-torque-server
yum install emi-torque-utils

* If you are running Torque, and your CREAM CE node is NOT the torque master, install the emi-torque-utils metapackage:

yum install emi-torque-utils

* If you are running LSF, install the emi-lsf-utils metapackage:

yum install emi-lsf-utils

DGAS_sensors installation

If you use DGAS to account data remember to install also DGAS sensors. You can found more documentation to DGAS sensors guide

yum install glite-dgas-common glite-dgas-hlr-clients glite-dgas-hlr-sensors glite-dgas-hlr-sensors-producers

Install also yaim-dgas rpm this could be useful when you will configure DGAS_sensors

rpm -ivh http://repo-pd.italiangrid.it/mrepo/ig_sl5-x86_64/RPMS.3_2_0/yaim-dgas-5.0.0-3.noarch.rpm

Service Configuration

YAIM Verification

  • Before starting the configuration PLEASE TEST that you have defined all the mandatory variables for all the CREAM CE profiles.

For Torque:

 /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -v -s <site-info.def> -n  creamCE -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils -n DGAS_sensors

For LSF:

 /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -v -s <site-info.def> -n  creamCE -n LSF_utils -n DGAS_sensors

You can find in this documentation: YAIM CREAM CE Variables all mandatory variables.

If no errors are reported with the verification you can proceed to the configuration, otherwise correct them before continuing with the configuration.

Configuration Suggestions:

We suggest to use the new Blparser runs on the CREAM CE machine and it is automatically installed when installing the CREAM CE. The configuration of the new BLAH Blparser is done when configuring the CREAM CE (i.e. it is not necessary to configure the Blparser separately from the CREAM CE).

To use the new BLAH blparser, it is just necessary to set:


If you have an ARGUS server installed in your site or in central site we suggest to use it. Please set the proper variables:


In this case it is also necessary to set the following yaim variables:

* ARGUS_PEPD_ENDPOINTS The endpoint of the ARGUS box (e.g."https://cream-43.pd.infn.it:8154/authz") * CREAM_PEPC_RESOURCEID The id of the CREAM CE in the ARGUS box (e.g. "http://pd.infn.it/cream-18")

If instead gJAF should be used as authorization system, yaim variable USE_ARGUS must be set in the following way:


For DGAS_sensors you should customize the services file. You can find in this path an example:


YAIM Configuration

Please use the debug flag ( "-d 6") to configure the services in order to have detailed information. For your convenience yo can save all the configuration information in a log file you can look at any time, separated from the yaimlog default one.

For Torque:

# /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -d 6 -s  <site-info.def>  -n  creamCE -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils -n DGAS_sensors 2>&1 | tee /root/conf_CREAM_Torque_DGAS.`hostname -s`.`date`.log

For LSF:

# /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -d 6 -s  <site-info.def>  -n  creamCE -n LSF_utils -n DGAS_sensors 2>&1 | tee /root/conf_CREAM_LSF_DGAS.`hostname -s`.`date`.log

Service Testing - Reference Card

After service installation to have a look if all were installed in a proper way, you could have a look to Service CREAM Reference Card and also to the [http://wiki.italiangrid.it/twiki/bin/view/CREAM/CreamTestWorkPlan][Service Troubleshooting Guide]]. In this page you can found were all the log files are written, what daemons are running after installation and any other useful service information.

Documentation References:

* Functional Description
* Software Design Description
* User Guide
* Client Installation and Configuration
* Client Configuration Template
* Man Pages/Online Help
* User Troubleshooting Guide
* API Documentation
* Error Code Documentation
* System Administrator Guides
* Service Reference Card
* Service Troubleshooting Guide
* Other Documentation available here


-- SergioTraldi - 2011-11-10

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