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IGI (based on EMI) Installation and Configuration

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yum clean all
  • StoRM Backend v. (EMI 1) - If the Storage Area root of a Storage Area residing on a GPFS filesystem is specified as link pointing to the real directory and the link resides on a non GPFS filesystem a sanity check at bootstrap will fail preventing the service to start.
    • As a workaround the user can modify the definition of the Storage Area root to the real directory path rather than the link
  • StoRM Backend v. 1.9.0 (EMI 2): - Due to a Known Issue on StoRM backend this release is not suited for GPFS installations.
  • YAIM-STORM v, 4.2.1-3 - Starting from this release the XFS file system is managed by StoRM as a standard POSIX file system. All StoRM installations on XFS file system from this release on must specify at YAIM configuration time "posixfs" as file system type. See StoRM System Administration Guide 1.3.3 for more details.
    • Description: Specifying at YAIM configuration time "xfs" as file system type will produce an invalid namespace.xml preventing BackEnd service to boot.
      • As workaround XFS users have to specify "posixfs" as file system type.

StoRM Prerequisites

Host certificate installation:

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