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IGI (based on EMI) Installation and Configuration

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# dgas-hlr-addadmin -Sa  <CE_DN>
  • Where <CE_DN> is something like "/C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Host/L=Padova/CN=prod-ce-01.pd.infn.it"

Update From a previous release (< 4.0):


Update From a previous release < 4.0:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: some of the operations described bellow (like "translate DB", the start of hlrd or "populateJobTransSummary") can take a lot of time, from minutes to hours or days (!) depending on how big the DB is. Please plan carefully an upgrade!
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  Where <CE_DN> is something like "/C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Host/L=Padova/CN=prod-ce-01.pd.infn.it"

Update From a previous release >= 4.0.13:

  • Just update the packages:
    # yum update
  • And reconfigure:
     # /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -d 6 -s  <site-info.def>  -n  HLR 2>&1 | tee /root/conf_igi-HLR.`hostname -s`.`date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S`.log

HLR Documentation References:

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