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Configuration files


INFNGRID YAIM configuration files


IGI YAIM configuration files

  YAIM configuration files should be stored in a directory structure. All the involved files HAVE to be under the same folder <confdir>, in a safe place, which is not world readable. This directory should contain:
File Scope Details
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''BATCH_CONF_DIR'' C Only for LSF. Set path where ''lsf.conf'' file is located. 3.0.1-0

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  The file containing the list of sites "known" to the BDII_top is updated every hour by the cron-job /etc/cron.hourly/glite-info-update-endpoints.

Configuration file:

Specific variables are in:

  • ''/opt/glite/yaim/examples/siteinfo/services/glite-creamce''

Please copy and edit that file in your ''/services'' directory (have a look to Yaim configuration files").

Variable name Type Descpription >= ig-yaim version
ACCESS_BY_DOMAIN C By default the cream db is installed on localhost and accessible only from localhost. Setting ACCESS_BY_DOMAIN to true, you allow the cream db to be accessed from all computers in your domain. >= 4.0.5-4
BATCH_CONF_DIR C LSF settings: path where lsf.conf is located >= 4.0.5-4
BLAH_JOBID_PREFIX C This parameter sets the BLAH jobId prefix (it MUST be 6 chars long, begin with cr and terminate by '_'). It is important in case of more than one CE connecting to the same blparser. In this case, it is better that each CREAM_CE has its own prefix. The default value for this variable (as specified in opt/glite/yaim/defaults/glite-creamce.pre) is "cream_" >= 4.0.5-4
BLPARSER_HOST C to refer to the host where the Blah Log Parser is running or where the blparser is running (i.e. the variable xxx_BLPserver of blah.config). In this machine batch system logs must be accessible >= 4.0.5-4
BLP_PORT C to refer to the the port where Blah Log Parser is running (i.e. the variable xxx_BLPport of blah.config, GLITE_CE_BLPARSERxxx_PORT1 of blparser.conf) >= 4.0.5-4
CREAM_CE_STATE C This is the value to be published as GlueCEStateStatus instead of Production. The default value for this variable (as specified in opt/glite/yaim/defaults/glite-creamce.pre) is "Special" >= 4.0.5-4
CREAM_DB_USER C Database user to access cream database (different by root). Yaim will create this user and grant him the access rights >= 4.0.5-4
CEMON_HOST O Cream CE host name. In a more complex layout, the ce-monitor can be installed in a host different from the cream-ce host. In that case you need to put the right ce-monitor hostname in this variable. >= 4.0.5-4
CREAM_PORT C to refer to the parser listening cream port (i.e. the variable GLITE_CE_BLPARSERxxx_CREAMPORT1 of blparser.conf) >= 4.0.5-4
JOB_MANAGER C The name of the job manager used by the gatekeeper. For CREAM please define: pbs, lsf, sge or condor >= 3.0.1-0
DGAS services on CE ( CE CREAM )

Variable name Type Descpription >= ig-yaim version
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''DGAS_QUEUE_POLL_INTERVAL'' O Garbage clean-up interval in seconds. default value "2" 4.0.11-4
''DGAS_SYSTEM_LOG_LEVEL'' O The "systemLogLevel" parameter defines the log verbosity from 0(no logging) to 9(maximum Verbosity) default value "7" 4.0.11-4


* gLite GLEXEC variables

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  More details here.

For any details refer to GRELC Documentation



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