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  • The user which performs ssh (jenkins) is already specified. If the node is created from scratch this is another option to be specified.

In order to trigger a build on the already created node, specify the corresponding label in the build options.


Enable package deployment to nexus

In order to publish artifacts in nexus, it is necessary to define a file on each build node under the jenkins user home directory. The file is ~jenkins/.m2/settings.xml and the content should be the following:
The id is the one that must be specified in the pom.xml section for the deployment.

Install build packages

These packages are considered the minimum build environment. Install them on the slave node.
cmake bash bzip2 coreutils cpio diffutils fedora-release findutils gawk gcc gcc-c++ grep gzip info make patch redhat-rpm-config rpm-build sed shadow-utils tar unzip util-linux which xz

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