Difference: Task21059 (6 vs. 7)

Revision 72012-04-18 - SaraBertocco

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Testing report: IGIRTC #63

Line: 25 to 25

Clean Installation SL5


  • emi-release file is missing

[root@cream-48 ~]# cat /etc/emi-release
cat: /etc/emi-release: No such file or directory

Upgrade Installation

Line: 201 to 213
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cream-sl5update.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1334224644" name="cream-sl5update.txt" path="cream-sl5update.txt" size="73802" user="SaraBertocco" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="functionality_logs.tar" attr="" comment="" date="1334247523" name="functionality_logs.tar" path="functionality_logs.tar" size="819200" user="SaraBertocco" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cream-sl6install.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1334573303" name="cream-sl6install.txt" path="cream-sl6install.txt" size="272503" user="SaraBertocco" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cream-sl5install.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1334749631" name="cream-sl5install.txt" path="cream-sl5install.txt" size="340971" user="SaraBertocco" version="3"
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