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EMI Nagios 3.0.0 test report: IGI-RTC-141


  • Product: EMI-Nagios v. 3.0.0
  • Release Task: #34047
  • ETICS Subsystem Configuration Name: emi-nagios_R_3_0_0_1
  • VCS Tag: emi-nagios_3_0_0_1
  • EMI Major Release: EMI 3
  • Platform: SL5/x86_64 SL6/x86_64
  • Author: IGI RTC
  • Testing report: EMI_Nagios_Test_Report_3_0_0.txt
  • Certification report: EMI_Nagios_Cert_Report_3_0_0.txt
  • Date: 4. Mar 2013
  • Outcome: Certified

Deployment tests

Clean Installation - PASSED

Configuration - PASSED

Upgrade Installation - PASSED

System tests

Functionality tests - PASSED

  • present in the tasks provided individual products nagios products

Regression tests

Bug #100437: CREAM_NAGIOS - Wrong service type in nagios probe FIXED

[emitestbed48 ~]$ rpm -qa |grep cream-nagios

[emitestbed48 ~]$ grep tuple /usr/libexec/grid-monitoring/probes/emi.cream/CREAMCEDJS-probe
    def __init__(self, tuples):
        CREAMDJS.__init__(self, tuples, 'CREAMCE')

Bug #100438: CREAM_NAGIOS - Missing dependencies in CREAM NAGIOS package FIXED

[caifti@emitestbed48 ~]$ rpm -qR emi-cream-nagios |egrep -e 'python-suds|glite-ce-cream-cli|glite-wms-ui-commands'
python-suds >= 0.3.5

-- CristinaAiftimiei - 2013-03-04

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="emi_nagios_update_3_0_0-1.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1362427306" name="emi_nagios_update_3_0_0-1.txt" path="emi_nagios_update_3_0_0-1.txt" size="138052" user="CristinaAiftimiei" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="emi_nagios_emi3_install_sl6.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1362427844" name="emi_nagios_emi3_install_sl6.txt" path="emi_nagios_emi3_install_sl6.txt" size="94122" user="CristinaAiftimiei" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="emi_nagios_emi3_config_sl6.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1362427839" name="emi_nagios_emi3_config_sl6.txt" path="emi_nagios_emi3_config_sl6.txt" size="18753" user="CristinaAiftimiei" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="emi_nagios_emi3_install_sl5.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1362432146" name="emi_nagios_emi3_install_sl5.txt" path="emi_nagios_emi3_install_sl5.txt" size="75822" user="CristinaAiftimiei" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="emi_nagios_emi3_config_sl5.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1362432142" name="emi_nagios_emi3_config_sl5.txt" path="emi_nagios_emi3_config_sl5.txt" size="18196" user="CristinaAiftimiei" version="1"
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