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BLAH 1.18.3 test report - IGIRTC-144


  • Product: *BLAH v. 1.18.3"
  • Release Task: Task #41232
  • ETICS Subsystem Configuration Name: emi-cream-ce_R_1_14_7_1
  • VCS Tag: emi-blahp_R_1_18_3_1
  • EMI Major Release: EMI 2 (Matterhorn)
  • Platform: SL5/x86_64, SL6/x86_64
  • Author: IGI RTC
  • Testing report: [[][Testing Report file]]
  • Certification report: [[][Certification Report file]]
  • Outcome: "CERTIFIED*

Deployment tests & Regression test - "PASSED*

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="blah_emi2_emergency.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1366361631" name="blah_emi2_emergency.txt" path="blah_emi2_emergency.txt" size="42398" user="CristinaAiftimiei" version="1"
META TOPICMOVED by="CristinaAiftimiei" date="1366360501" from="IGIRelease.Task41234" to="IGIRelease.TaskB41232"
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