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MPI-multicore: Applications

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12 Data Intensive - E.g.: No(=don't care), SAN(=Shared High speed SAN), Local(=1 Local scratch disk per Node, .. )
No SAN No No SAN/Local No, files are saved to custom storage via OpenDAP
13 Expected Execution time - E .g.: No=within a few hours, 24-48h, 72h or more,..
? >72h >72h >3 weeks 72 or more 72 or mode
? >72h >72h >3 weeks 72 or more 72 or more
14 Checkpoints - E.g.: No(=don't care) Yes(=I need a safe local storage area to save CheckPoints )
No Yes can continue on different sites No, output is retrieved via SE Yes, on the same site No, files are saved to custom storage via OpenDAP
15 Communication Intensive - E.g.: No (=don't care) , IB(=Infiniband needed) , ...
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