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Installing and Configuring the Compute service (NOVA)

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  • You must run the command that creates the network and the bridge using the virbr0 specified in the nova.conf file to create the network that the virtual machines use. This example shows the network range using as the fixed range for our guest
VMs, but you can substitute the range for the network you have available. We're labeling it with private in this case.
# nova-manage network create private --multi_host=T --fixed_range_v4= --bridge_interface=virbr0 --num_networks=1 --network_size=256

# nova-manage network list
id      IPv4                    IPv6            start address   DNS1            DNS2            VlanID          project         uuid           
1        None           None            None            None            052f9b4b-e6d7-4ad9-a3f1-929e80008372

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