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Continuos Integration Infrastructure

Hardware e vm per Jenkins

tipo hostname
server domus05.cnaf.infn.it
tipo hostname Monitoring
server domus05.cnaf.infn.it Lemon
tipo hostname mac address IP
vm jen01.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:69
vm jen02.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:70
vm jen03.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:71
vm jen04.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:72
vm jen05.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:73
vm jen06.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:74
vm jen07.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:75
vm jen08.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:76
tipo hostname mac address IP Monitoring
vm jen01.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:69 Lemon
vm jen02.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:70 Lemon
vm jen03.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:71 Lemon
vm jen04.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:72 Lemon
vm jen05.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:73 Lemon
vm jen06.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:74 Lemon
vm jen07.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:75 Lemon
vm jen08.cnaf.infn.it 00:16:3E:08:00:76 Lemon
  Assegnazione via dhcp.
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