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WLCG sites must bublish the GlueCECapability Share attribute. For details about publishing this attribute, please refer to pages 8 and 14 of the document:

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  INFN-LECCE https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=9796
INFN-NAPOLI-CMS https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=9797
INFN-NAPOLI-CMS https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=9797 SOLVED
  INFN-PADOVA https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=9798 SOLVED
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