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Italian Production sites

you can find here the list of Italian sites.
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SITE service StoRM Storage Element (StoRM SE) TODO EMI-2
SITE/CORE service Home Location Register (HLR) TODO IGI
CORE service MyProxy Notes about MyProxy - EMI-2 - SL6 EMI-2 SL6
CORE service top-bdii TODO EMI-2
CORE service top-bdii Notes about top-bdii - EMI-2 - SL6 EMI-2 SL6
CORE service Workload Management System (WMS) TODO EMI-2
CORE service Logging & Bookepping (LB) TODO EMI-2
CORE service LCG file Catalog (LFC) Notes about Installation and Configuration of EMI-2 (SL5) LFC server EMI-2 SL5
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