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Notes about Installation and Configuration of a Torque server (no cream) - EMI-2 - SL6 x86_64

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 # chkconfig munge on

tomcat and ldap users

It is necessary to create tomcat and ldap users on the torque server, otherwise the computing elements will fail in connecting the server.

When those users doesn't exist on the server, on the CE you will see errors like the following

2012-04-24 15:37:29 lcg-info-dynamic-scheduler: LRMS backend command returned nonzero exit status
2012-04-24 15:37:29 lcg-info-dynamic-scheduler: Exiting without output, GIP will use static values
Can not obtain pbs version from host

instead, on the torque server:

04/24/2012 14:00:46;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code=15021(Invalid credential), aux=0, type=StatusJob, from tomcat@cream-01.cnaf.infn.it
04/24/2012 14:01:02;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code=15021(Invalid credential), aux=0, type=StatusJob, from ldap@cream-01.cnaf.infn.it

Solution is to add tomcat and ldap users/groups to torque host and restart pbs_server - as they exists only on CreamCE host.

# echo 'tomcat:x:91:91:Tomcat:/usr/share/tomcat5:/bin/sh' >> /etc/passwd
# echo 'ldap:x:55:55:LDAP User:/var/lib/ldap:/bin/false' >> /etc/passwd
# echo 'tomcat:x:91:' >> /etc/group
# echo 'ldap:x:55:' >> /etc/group

yaim check

Verify to have set all the yaim variables by launching:
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