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Tutorial Cream

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  /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s /root/siteinfo/site-info.def -n WN -n TORQUE_client

Check torque cluster

  • From CE:
    • Check status of cluster nodes
    • Check if batch system works correctly
            su - <user>   
            vi/gedit test.sh   
            sleep 20   
            qsub -q dteam_q test.sh  
            qsub -q dteam_q test.sh
  • To check supported queues:
        ldapsearch -x -H ldap://<CE_FQDN>:2170 -b mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid  
  • To detect the jobid:
        qstat -Q  
        qstat -a  
  • To check the job
        tracejob <jobid>

Direct submission to CREAM CE

  • connect to the user interface
  • check user certificate
       ls -al .globus 
       ls -al .glite
  • check available queues and batch system
       ldapsearch -x -H ldap://tutor-cream.cnaf.infn.it:2170 -b mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid  
  • create a user proxy
       voms-proxy-init -voms dteam  
  • get the test jdl file : test.jdl
  • submit the job
       glite-ce-job-submit -d -r <ce_host_FQDN>:8443/cream-pbs-cert -a test.jdl  
  • check the job status
       glite-ce-job-status <cream-id>
  • get the job output
       glite-ce-job-output <cream-id>

EMI2 site_BDII Installation

Repositories configuraton

  • Check OS (check also NTP and logrotate installation and configuration)
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  yum install emi-bdii-site

Query BDII

  • Test that the BDII is operational
       ldapsearch -x -h <hostname> -p 2170 -b o=infosys
  • Test that the BDII is updating
       ldapsearch -x -h <hostname> -p 2170 -b o=infosys "*" modifyTimestamp
  • Test that the Glue 1.3 root entry is available
       ldapsearch -x -h <hostname> -p 2170 -b mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid
  • Test that the Glue 2.0 root entry is available
       ldapsearch -x -h <hostname> -p 2170 -b o=glue

  • Query local resource (the cream ce)
       ldapsearch -x -H ldap://tutor-cream.cnaf.infn.it:2170 -b mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid
  • Query the site-BDII (publishing all resources of your site)
       ldapsearch -x -H ldap://tutor-bdii.cnaf.infn.it:2170 -b mds-vo-name=GridKASchool00,o=grid
  • Query a top BDII publishing a set of sites
       ldapsearch -x -H ldap://gridit-bdii-01.cnaf.infn.it:2170 -b mds-vo-name=local,o=grid

Useful files


Useful files


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