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Porting the NEMO Ocean Modelling Framework to the GRID


High level web interface Created Through the IGI Gneral Purpose Portal:

IGI Portal for NEMO

Presentations at events:

G-NEMO: a Grid empowered version of the state-of-the-art European modelling framework for oceanographic research


Supporting the EMSO European ESFRI Project

Details: EMSOGrid

Presentations at events:

EGI delves into the sea depths: the collaboration with EMSO begins

CNR-ISAC Bologna

Porting the GLOBO Climate Simulator to the IGI Grid


GLOBO Forecasts Home
GLOBO Forecasts Home
  Porting to Grid of the parallel application complited, results under evaluation by the user community - possible use case is to use the distributed infrastructure to calibrate the model as described in this paper: First outcomes from the CNR-ISAC monthly forecasting system

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