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TWiki's UserSupport web https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport The UserSupport web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2022 by contributing authors TWiki CNAF Administrator [grid-operations@lists.cnaf.infn.it] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).UserSupport https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif FUSPubblications https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/FUSPubblications IGI FUS Pubblications and conferences participation EGI QUARTERLY REPORTS https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Italy US QR11 QR11 QR12 ISGC2012 Scientific Communities with... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2014-03-31T21:20:05Z DanieleCesini PortingDiFLUKA https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/PortingDiFLUKA FLUKA Summary This guide illustrates how to submit a FLUKA parametric job using IGP (Italian Grid Portal) Preliminary Steps It is mandatory to have a valid X... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-12-02T11:09:22Z EmidioGiorgio DMRG https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/DMRG DMRG Summary This guide illustrates how to run the DMRG application using IGP (Italian Grid Portal). Prerequisites It is mandatory a valid X509 certificate and... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-11-07T15:50:46Z EmidioGiorgio WebCreateNewTopic https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/WebCreateNewTopic DMRG Summary This guide illustrates how to run DMRG application using IGP (Italian Grid Portal). Prerequisites It is mandatory a valid X509 certificate and VO GRIDIT... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-11-07T11:49:19Z EmidioGiorgio UserSupportCompchem https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/UserSupportCompchem Click on the links below to obtain more information Collaborations Installation and porting guides Poly https://wiki.italiangrid.it/twiki/bin/view... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-11-07T11:41:41Z EmidioGiorgio UserSupportHEP https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/UserSupportHEP Collaborations Collaboration started with the GERDA, ICARUS and VIRGO experiments SPES experiment group at INFN LNL laboratories HEP Applications: installation... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-11-05T11:25:58Z EmidioGiorgio CCCollaborations https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/CCCollaborations Chemistry Dept. of Perugia University Porting of various compchem application Development of tools to submit workflows on the grid : GRIF HPC/HTC interoperability... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-11-05T11:04:17Z EmidioGiorgio CCPorting https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/CCPorting Computational Chemistry users may also consult the Application Database Here is presented an overview of the Computational Chemistry applications currently ported... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2013-11-05T11:00:37Z EmidioGiorgio ESPorting https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/ESPorting Here an overview of the applications currently ported in the GRID environment is presented. User Guides for the application porting for specific applications will... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2012-12-13T11:14:08Z EmidioGiorgio EMSOGrid https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/EMSOGrid EMSO Grid Pilot activity to study a Grid based computing model for the ESFRI project Computing Model It should be similar to the one adopted by the LHC community... (last changed by EmidioGiorgio) 2012-12-13T11:09:47Z EmidioGiorgio ESCollaborations https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/ESCollaborations INGV Bologna Porting the NEMO Ocean Modelling Framework to the GRID Home High level web interface Created Through the IGI Gneral Purpose Portal: Portal for NEMO... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2012-11-16T14:57:50Z DanieleCesini WebHome https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/WebHome Welcome to the IGI 1 web Wiki pages of the IGI Training and User Support Unit. Status of the unit activities and related material is available in this space.... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2012-11-16T10:39:59Z DanieleCesini UserSupportLife https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/UserSupportLife Collaboration with the Biocomputing Group of the Bologna University and the Giorgio Prodi Institute for cancer reasearch in Bologna group Home Prodi Institute Home... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2012-11-16T10:09:05Z DanieleCesini EGIVT https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/EGIVT wiki page for the EGI VTs Running VTs with IGI involved: to ELIXIR and Biodiversity Gateway Primer Completed VTs with IGI Involved: Cultural Integration whitin... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2012-11-16T10:03:35Z DanieleCesini UserSupportEng https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/UserSupportEng ANSYS on the Grid Home Technical Information available here: GridAnsys High level wen interface available on the IGI Portal here Portal OPENFOAM and ParaView on... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2012-11-16T09:49:51Z DanieleCesini UserSupportEarth https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/UserSupport/UserSupportEarth Users which their main field is Eart Science may consult the following Application Database AppDB at EGI EU level to EGI AppDB Click on the links below... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2012-11-16T09:43:40Z DanieleCesini
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