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VOMS Development

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  • bug #33259: VOMS-CORE: misleading error message displayed by voms-proxy-init
  • bug #33212: VOMS-CORE: missing user-level attribute value in the proxy
  • bug #33902: VOMS MySQL replication: adapt for 2.x schema, add encryption
  • bug #35569: glite-security-voms-api-noglobus-1.8.3-3 and glite-security-voms-api-cpp-1.8.3-3 contain the same files
  • bug #36502: voms-proxy-info shouldn't require AC check in all cases
  • bug #36092: [VOMS 1.8.3] VOMS server log file created with bizarre permissions
  • bug #36573: voms-proxy-info has bad return codes
  • bug #37008: VOMS server is always returning a short FQAN
  • bug #37071: VOMS api should specify in error cases whether the voms AC is expired or not yet valid.
  • bug #37704: There is a possible vulnerability concerning proxies
  • bug #38506: Previous Predictable Order with --voms flags was lost.
  • bug #38824: VOMS doesn't build with VDT globus 1.10.1-1 because it uses system OpenSSL

VOMS Admin

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