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VOMS Releases

Being developed within the EU project Enabling Grid for E-SciencE (EGEE) and part of its middleware gLite, VOMS follows the naming convention agreed on for gLite components.


1.7 series

  • Support for generic attributes.
  • New Java API based on the C++ API via JNI. A pure Java API is under development.
  • New globus-independent API.
  • Bug fixes.

1.7.1-5 Corrected problems in querying the db and fixed a problem with distinguished names containing sinqule quotes.

1.6 series

1.6.23 Fixed gpbox commands. Added check for user certificates. Corrected man page wrongly referring to edg.
1.6.16-8 Fixed a problem in C API in reading configuration files.
1.6.16-7 Build fixed.
1.6.16-6 Client fixed to allow for complementary servers.
1.6.16-5 Startup script modified.


1.1 series

1.1.2 Added support for port and socket selection of mysql server.


2.0 series

2.0.9 Added new tables to db creation script.
2.0.8 Try reconnecting when server goes down.
2.0.7 Fixed to work with OCI version 10.2.x


1.2 series

1.2.13 Fixed list-user-roles bad behaviour and added support for gLite environment variables.


1.0 series

1.0.3 Spec file changed for compatibility of recent RPM version.


1.2 series

1.2.16 Fixed request deserialization that cause the web interface to hang forever.
Fixed voms-ldap-sync script INFN ca problem.
Fixed broken database upgrade routine.

-- AndreaCeccanti - 29 May 2006

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