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 This tutorial assumes that you have GIT access to WMS repository https://github.com/MarcoCecchi/org.glite.wms. It will help you to build all the component that you get when cloning the WMS GIT repository without the etics's build automation tools.


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  log4cpp glite-jobid-api-c glite-jobid-api-c-devel glite-jobid-api-cpp-devel openldap-devel glite-wms-utils-exception glite-wms-utils-classad chrpath cppunit-devel glite-wms-utils-exception-devel glite-wms-utils-classad-devel glite-jdl-api-cpp-devel
glite-lb-client-devel glite-lbjp-common-gsoap-plugin-devel

Log out from root account and as normal user (having the GIT access as said above) clone the WMS repository:

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