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  • Submit with an expired delegation. Command should fails. Implemented.
TEST: https://ggus.eu/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=79096

Shallow and deep re-submission

There two type of resubmission; the first is defined deep occurs when the user's job has stardted running on the WN and then the job itself or the WMS JobWrapper has failed. The second one is called shallow and occurs when the WMS JobWrapper has failed before starting the actual user's job. Implemented.

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  • Cancellation of a Done job should fails. Implemented.
It is important that the cancel is issued at different times from the submission. Id state is submitted, then WMP code is tested, waiting->scheduled wm (+jc), running, wm+lm

Prologue and Epilogue jobs

In the jdl you can specify two attributes prologue and epilogue which are scripts that are execute respectively before and after the user's job. Implemented.

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