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Extended Release Notes for WMS 3.4.0

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3) Known Issues

If a job has support for proxy renewal enabled, an error will be returned when retrieving the output:

Proxy exception: Unable to get Not Before date from Prox"

WORKAROUND: this change will be overwritten in case of a YAIM reconfiguration

add at the end of the file /etc/profile.d/grid-env.sh the line:

gridenv_set "ICE_DISABLE_DEREGISTER" "1"

restart the glite-wms-ice service:

# /etc/init.d/glite-wms-ice restart

 - Support for GLUE 2.0 is incomplete for what concerns match-making with the JDL attribute datarequirements.
Line: 457 to 470
  - The job perusal feature does not work. Output retrieval fails with error "The Operation is not allowed: the job is not started"
[mcecchi@devel15 ~]$ glite-wms-job-perusal --get -f std.out https://devel09.cnaf.infn.it:9000/JJt1CuAgB4bSQ4mUgoQtMg

Connecting to the service https://devel09.cnaf.infn.it:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server

Error - WMProxy Server Error
The Operation is not allowed: the job is not started
Error code: SOAP-ENV:Server


When getting the above error, you need to rename a file on the WMS:

 - The LCMAPS logging verbosity has changed (log file is now var/log/glite/lcmaps.log), so do not expect the long output that was produced before.
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