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Extended Release Notes for WMS 3.5.0

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4) Known issues

- To enable submission to the ARC CE using GRAM, a version of HTCondor >= 7.8.6 is needed. Pay attention to the version that gets downloaded with 'yum install condor-emi'. If it's higher, then you don't have to worry.
- A workaround needs to be applied when installing versions of HTCondor >= 7.8.6 (needed to enable submission to the ARC CE using GRAM). In the pre-script glite-wms.pre, add:

#TEMPORARY WORKAROUND for http://ggus.eu/tech/ticket_show.php?ticket=88630
#We install custom emi-condor 7.8.8 but then the spool folder changed location so we must create it
#for condor to start successfully
config_condor_wms_pre () {
mkdir -p /var/condor/spool
  - Authorization based on Argus does not work in SL6, because of a well known-bug in libcurl/nss. When this gets fixed, a mere update will restore the functionality.
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