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META TOPICPARENT name="WmsTestSuite"

WMS 3.5 pre-certification report

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Tested with Nordugrid people on korundi

glite-wms-job-status https://devel09.cnaf.infn.it:9000/1C0TMnsCIC4SHG_K9wbuvg

=================== glite-wms-job-status Success ================= BOOKKEEPING INFORMATION:

Status info for the Job : https://devel09.cnaf.infn.it:9000/1C0TMnsCIC4SHG_K9wbuvg Current Status: Cleared Status Reason: user retrieved output sandbox Destination: korundi.grid.helsinki.fi:2811/nordugrid-GE-mgrid Submitted: Wed Feb 6 15:48:26 2013 CET ======================================================================


DAG job

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