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  See submit.log.tgz: Normal submission logs
Proxy mode
There is a problem with the configuration of emi-demo12 (wms in proxy mode) pointing to emi-demo11 (wms in both mode): the events Running,ReallyRunning and Done Ok are not logged by emi-demo11 (and don't appear in the logging-info), even if they are present in the lbserver20 db of emi-demo12. These events are instead correctly logged if emi-demo11 is configured as LB in server mode. Thus, in order to properly test a wms in proxy mode, then it should point to a LB server not in both mode.

Jdl with DataRequirements
In case of problems with lcg-ce, it i possible to create replicas of the file on other SEs close to different lcg-ces.
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