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  See submit.log.tgz: Normal submission logs
Proxy mode
Proxy mode
 There is a problem with the configuration of emi-demo12 (wms in proxy mode) pointing to emi-demo11 (wms in both mode): the events Running,ReallyRunning and Done Ok are not logged by emi-demo11 (and don't appear in the logging-info), even if they are present in the lbserver20 db of emi-demo12. These events are instead correctly logged if emi-demo11 is configured as LB in server mode. Thus, in order to properly test a wms in proxy mode, then it should point to a LB server not in both mode.

Job submitted on a production CE using the cms VO.
[capannini@cert-17 regression_tests]$ lcg-infosites --is egee-bdii.cnaf.infn.it --vo cms ce |grep arc
     80         0           95         5        95   arc.univ.kiev.ua:2811/nordugrid-torque-arc
    768       707          196        61       196   jade-cms.hip.fi:2811/nordugrid-GE-arc
    256         0            0         0         0   korundi.grid.helsinki.fi:2811/nordugrid-GE-arc

[cristofori@ui ~]$ glite-wms-job-submit -e https://emi-demo11.cnaf.infn.it:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server -a -r jade-cms.hip.fi:2811/nordugrid-GE-arc firsttest.jdl

Connecting to the service https://emi-demo11.cnaf.infn.it:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server

====================== glite-wms-job-submit Success ======================

The job has been successfully submitted to the WMProxy
Your job identifier is:



[cristofori@ui ~]$ glite-wms-job-status https://emi-demo11.cnaf.infn.it:9000/e4f1VtGXy_I_2MS2dVUs4g

======================= glite-wms-job-status Success =====================

Status info for the Job : https://emi-demo11.cnaf.infn.it:9000/e4f1VtGXy_I_2MS2dVUs4g
Current Status:     Done (Success)
Exit code:          0
Status Reason:      Job terminated successfully
Destination:        jade-cms.hip.fi:2811/nordugrid-GE-arc
Submitted:          Tue Mar 27 14:27:13 2012 CEST

[cristofori@ui ~]$ glite-wms-job-output --dir ./ https://emi-demo11.cnaf.infn.it:9000/e4f1VtGXy_I_2MS2dVUs4g

Connecting to the service https://emi-demo11.cnaf.infn.it:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server


                         JOB GET OUTPUT OUTCOME

Output sandbox files for the job:
have been successfully retrieved and stored in the directory:


[cristofori@ui ~]$ cat /home/GUEST/cristofori/cristofori_e4f1VtGXy_I_2MS2dVUs4g/stderr.log
[cristofori@ui ~]$ cat /home/GUEST/cristofori/cristofori_e4f1VtGXy_I_2MS2dVUs4g/stdout.log
Jdl with DataRequirements
In case of problems with lcg-ce, it i possible to create replicas of the file on other SEs close to different lcg-ces.
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