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META TOPICPARENT name="SpecificWMSLBInstanceDetailedDataPage"
General Info box: General h/w and system status for the WMS and LB machines measured the last time the sensor run . The LB daemon status is also reported. Follow this link for general box info detail *s: GENERAL INFO BOXES*
 Components Details BOX

In this BOX information about each single WMS component is presented.

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 Tranfers [FTPD daemon status]

gftp: number of gftp sessions opened at t2 time


A metric is calculated every time the sensors runon a WMS server. This is a sort of estimated response time in arbitrary units that can be used to select the most unloaded WMS among a cluster by load balancing systems. Higher the metric value higher the WMS load.

Negative values are very bad since the indicate a dead death or a drained WMS

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