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NEW Installation for emi-WMS/LB, WMSMonitor 3.0

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      1. Enter Mysql database wmsmon
      2. ADD ALIAS: mysql$> call insert_loadbalancing_ALIAS(enable_flag #is the alias in use#, numout #number of instances to leave out of alias per period#, subtest_enable #IS a submission test to be used in status metric#, alias_name #without domain#) (to be executed only the first time a new alias is created);
        1. EX>>> call insert_loadbalancing_ALIAS( 1, 2, 0, 'wms-prod');
      1. If needed: REMOVE ALIAS: mysql$> call remove_loadbalancing_ALIAS("alias_name")
        1. EX>>> call remove_loadbalancing_ALIAS( 'wms-prod'); Note that removing an alias will remove also wms association to that alias
      1. ADD HOST TO ALIAS mysql$> call add_wmshost_to_ALIAS(WMS_HOSTNAME_WITH_DOMAIN, ALIAS_NAME_WITHOUT_DOMAIN, SPARE_LABEL #1 if wms associated but not used#, test_urlIN #URL of the submission test used if enabled#);
        1. EX>>> call add_wmshost_to_ALIAS('wms002.cnaf.infn.it', 'wms-prod', 0, '');
      1. If needed: REMOVE HOST FROM ALIAS mysql$> remove_wmshost_from_ALIAS( "hostnamewms", "alias_name")

 -- DaniloDongiovanni - 2011-12-20
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