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NEW Installation for emi-WMS/LB, WMSMonitor 3.0

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      1. EX>>> call insertHostLabels('wms014.cnaf.infn.it','WMS','cms','MCproduction','production', 1,'cnaf');
    1. mysql$>call insertHostLabels(<LB-HOSTANME-WITH-DOMAIN>, 'LB', <VO(for multi-vo services set 'multi')>, <VO_GROUP(ex. 'analysis','mc_production',etc.)>, <SERVICE_USAGE(ex. 'production','test',etc.)>, 1 (1 monitored and shown in the web page, 0 not monitored and hided from the web page), <HOST-SITENAME>);
      1. EX>>> call insertHostLabels('wms014.cnaf.infn.it','LB','cms','MCproduction','production', 1,'cnaf'); ---> NOTE do this also when wms/lb is cohosted
    1. mysql$> call insertLBHost();
      1. EX>>> call insertLBHost('lb013.cnaf.infn.it'); ---> NOTE do this only for LB is cohosted
    1. shell$> python /opt/WMSMonitor/collector/bin/data_collector_daemon.py stop
    2. shell$> FROM SHELL: python /opt/WMSMonitor/collector/bin/data_collector_daemon.py start
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