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TWiki's WMSMonitor web
TWiki's WMSMonitor web
  https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor The WMSMonitor web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2022 by contributing authors TWiki CNAF Administrator [grid-operations@lists.cnaf.infn.it] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).WMSMonitor https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif WebDownload3 https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/WebDownload3 NEW Installation for emi WMS/LB, WMSMonitor 3.0 A completely new version of WMSMonitor is made available, for Pre View testing. For the moment being we only deploy... (last changed by DaniloDongiovanni) 2012-10-30T15:10:02Z DaniloDongiovanni WebHome https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/WebHome WMSMonitor, a tool to monitor glite WMSLB instances status and job flow. For a live view of the tool you can have alook at the production instance at CNAF (you need... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2012-02-27T22:38:40Z admin InstallationProcedureV2_1 https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/InstallationProcedureV2_1 Introduction to v2.1 Installation and Configuration This installation guide is divided as follows: Installation of... (last changed by DaniloDongiovanni) 2012-01-11T14:55:06Z DaniloDongiovanni WMSMonDBAnalyzer https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/WMSMonDBAnalyzer WMSMonitor DB Analyzer (Available from release 2.0) The DB analyzer is a daemon that periodically checks the WMSMonitor database looking for new data and keeps track... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2009-06-16T12:13:46Z DanieleCesini InstallationProcedureV2 https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/InstallationProcedureV2 Introduction This installation guide is divided as follows: Installation of the sensor on the machine to be monitored (WMS/LB/WMSLB) Installation of the... (last changed by DaniloDongiovanni) 2009-05-08T07:45:09Z DaniloDongiovanni InstallationProcedure https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/InstallationProcedure WMS/LB sensors installation : Sensors MUST be installed on every machine that needs to be monitored, being... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2009-04-08T14:33:09Z DanieleCesini WMSMonitorMain https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/WMSMonitorMain WMSMonitor Main Page A live example of the Main page is avalable at the CNAF production instance: https://cert wms 01:8443/wmsmon/main/main.php Notice that you need... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2009-02-13T13:53:44Z DanieleCesini ComponentsDetailsBOX https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/ComponentsDetailsBOX General Info box: General h/w and system status for the WMS and LB machines measured the last time the sensor run . The LB daemon status is also reported. Follow... (last changed by DanieleCesini) 2008-09-16T14:40:46Z DanieleCesini WebIndex https://wiki-igi.cnaf.infn.it/twiki/bin/view/WMSMonitor/WebIndex See also the faster 1 (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2005-03-28T09:40:13Z TWikiContributor
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