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How to enable WeNMR job submission to OSG

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How to account WeNMR jobs submitted to OSG with Gratia

This is the procedure to enable Gratia sensors in the Condor Submit Node

You must follow the instructions at https://twiki.grid.iu.edu/bin/view/Accounting/ProbeConfigGlideinWMS#Installation

Instead of use yum install try the following:

[root@ui-wenmr ~]# wget http://koji-hub.batlab.org/mnt/koji/packages/gratia-probe/1.10/0.7.osg.el5/noarch/gratia-probe-common-1.10-0.7.osg.el5.noarch.rpm
[root@ui-wenmr ~]# wget http://koji-hub.batlab.org/mnt/koji/packages/gratia-probe/1.10/0.7.osg.el5/noarch/gratia-probe-condor-1.10-0.7.osg.el5.noarch.rpm 
[root@ui-wenmr ~]# rpm -Uvh --nodeps gratia-probe-common-1.10-0.7.osg.el5.noarch.rpm gratia-probe-condor-1.10-0.7.osg.el5.noarch.rpm
Then register you submit host to https://oim.grid.iu.edu/oim/home and modify the /etc/gratia/condor/ProbeConfig file and the condor_config.local as described in the instructions.

The "Non-Standard Condor Install" instructions do not work. I've modified manually the file /etc/cron.d/gratia-probe-condor.cron as below:

[root@ui-wenmr ~]# cat /etc/cron.d/gratia-probe-condor.cron
0,15,30,45 * * * * root /usr/share/gratia/common/cron_check  /etc/gratia/condor/ProbeConfig && /usr/share/gratia/condor/condor_meter -s 900
Do not forget to enable the gratia probes cron by doing:
[root@ui-wenmr ~]# service gratia-probes-cron start condor
You can check if your probe is working looking at the log files in /var/log/gratia/.

Accounting records produced by your probe can be displayed e.g. at http://gratiaweb.grid.iu.edu/gratia/xml/glidein_hours_bar_smry, putting your probe name (e.g. condor:ui-wenmr.pd.infn.it) in the Variables table and pressing the "Query again" button.

Many other interesting histograms are available from the "Glidein and Campus Grid Bar Graphs" top menu. All of them can be queried by selecting User, VO and also VO group/role (named role in the Variables table). E.g., by putting "csrosetta" in the role box and pressing the "Query again" button, you'll see the records of jobs submitted with the user proxy created with voms-proxy-init -voms enmr.eu:/enmr.eu/csrosetta.

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