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How to re-enable your euindia VO membership

Has your euindia VO membership been suspended?

Unfortunately it happened to several VOs, check e.g. the following EGI blog: http://www.egi.eu/blog/2012/03/31/damage_control.html

What steps should you do to reactivate your membership?

  • connect to the VOMS server (requires a valid certificate in your browser...) at: https://voms2.cnaf.infn.it:8443/voms/euindia Note that some web browser might ask you to "add an exception" or to "trust the website". You can safely add the exception
  • go to your VO user home (for me showing on the right side of the page). You should click on the link "go to your vo home"
  • at the bottom of the page you should find a button to accept the Acceptable User Policy - click on it
  • if your status is still suspended after taking those steps or you run into problems, please notify us so that we can help you. Use for that our contact page at: http://www.euindiagrid.eu/index.php/about/contact


Marco & the Euindia Operations Team

-- MarcoVerlato - 2012-04-02

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