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Nagios for WeNMR

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Management instructions

For its probes, Nagios uses Badoer's certificate, that must be renewed before it expires (it lasts one week):
 [badoer@grid-monitor03]# myproxy-init --voms enmr.eu:/enmr.eu/ops -k !NagiosRetrieve-grid-monitor03.pd.infn.it-enmr.eu -s prod-ui-02.pd.infn.it -l nagios -x -Z "/C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Host/L=Padova/CN=grid-monitor03.pd.infn.it" 
For renewing the proxy (it lasts 100 days) used by Nagios, from a EMI UI do execute:
 [emi-ui]$  myproxy-init -l nagios -s prod-ui-02.pd.infn.it -k  NagiosRetrieve-grid-monitor03.pd.infn.it-enmr.eu -c 2400 -x -Z  "/C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Host/L=Padova/CN=grid-monitor03.pd.infn.it"
  After a yaim reconfig, do the following instructions:
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