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Welcome to the WeNMR web


Welcome to the INFN Wiki pages dedicated to WeNMR!

However, most updated things are now on the official WeNMR Science Gateway. The current wiki is maintained by INFN as backup solution.

Wiki pages provided by INFN for WeNMR (some of them also available on the WeNMR Science Gateway)

Wiki pages provided by INFN for euindia VO

WeNMR Web Utilities

  • enmr-all-sites.conf: LDAP URLs of grid sites supporting enmr.eu VO (format suited for configuring the top-BDII)

  • euindia-all-sites.conf: LDAP URLs of grid sites supporting euindia VO (format suited for configuring the top-BDII)

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="enmr-all-sites.conf" attr="" comment="adding Israelian site" date="1388075890" name="enmr-all-sites.conf" path="enmr-all-sites.conf" size="6528" user="MarcoVerlato" version="27"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="euindia-all-sites.conf" attr="" comment="updating LDAP URLs of grid sites supporting euindia VO" date="1349265642" name="euindia-all-sites.conf" path="euindia-all-sites.conf" size="3243" user="MarcoVerlato" version="3"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="wenmr-logo.png" attr="" comment="" date="1324055363" name="wenmr-logo.png" path="wenmr-logo.png" size="38187" user="MarcoVerlato" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="wenmr-sites-for-nagios.xml" attr="" comment="adding Isrealian site" date="1388075911" name="wenmr-sites-for-nagios.xml" path="wenmr-sites-for-nagios.xml" size="17697" user="MarcoVerlato" version="22"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="site-info-cert.def" attr="" comment="site-info.def for CREAM cloud deployment" date="1464968262" name="site-info-cert.def" path="site-info-cert.def" size="2003" user="MarcoVerlato" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="site-info-torque.def" attr="" comment="site-info.def for CREAM-torque cloud deployment" date="1465291704" name="site-info-torque.def" path="site-info-torque.def" size="1991" user="MarcoVerlato" version="1"
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