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The CREAM configuration file

The structure of the CREAM configuration file (/opt/glite/etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml) is composed of three kind of XML elements:

  • commandexecutor which defines the specific capabilities provided by the CREAM instance
  • dataSource used for setting up the access to CREAM DB (MySQL)
  • authzchain which defines the security authorization layer based on ARGUS service or gJAF

The CommandExecutor

The commandexecutor represent the implementation of specific functionality provided by CREAM (e.g. delegation, job management, EMI-ES activity management). Its XML structure is as following:

      id="the id"
      category="the category"
      <parameter name="name_1" value="value_1" />
      <parameter name="name_2" value="value_2" />
      <parameter name="name_x" value="value_x" />

The list the commandexecutor attributes and elements with their meaning:

  • id: the unique id (*)
  • category: the name of the category to which the commandexecutor belongs (e.g. DELEGATION_MANAGEMENT, JOB_MANAGEMENT, ACTIVITY_MANAGEMENT) (*)
  • commandqueuesize: the size of the in memory prefetched command queue (default: 500) (*)
  • commandqueueshared: must be set to false (default) if the command queue is used by a single CREAM; must be set to true if there are multiple CREAM services using a single command queue (i.e. multiple CREAM services managing a single farm) (*)
  • commandworkerpoolsize: the number of threads getting and satisfying user requests stored in the CREAM command queue (default: 50) (*)
  • filename: the path of the jar implementing the commandexecutor (*)
  • parameter: represents a name/value couple defined for the specific commandexecutor. The name is case-sensitive.

* you shouldn't need to change the proposed default.

The BLAH Executor

This executor implements the CREAM's job management capabilities and it is based on the BLAH component. The following attributes and parameters are accepted for well defining this commandexecutor:
  • id: "BLAH executor"
  • category: "JOB_MANAGEMENT"
  • commandqueuesize: "500"
  • commandqueueshared: "false"
  • commandworkerpoolsize: "50"
  • filename: /usr/share/java/glite-ce-cream-blahExecutor.jar
  • BLAHP_BIN_PATH: parameter which defines the path of the blahpd executable (default: "/usr/bin/blahpd")
  • SANDBOX_TRANSFER_METHOD: sets the sandbox transfer method (GSIFTP/LRMS) (default: "GSIFTP")
  • CREAM_SANDBOX_DIR = is the directory where the sandbox files are staged on the CREAM CE node (default: "/var/cream_sandbox")
  • CREAM_CREATE_SANDBOX_BIN_PATH: the path of the executable for creating the job sandbox (default: "/usr/bin/glite-cream-createsandboxdir")
  • CREAM_COPY_PROXY_TO_SANDBOX_BIN_PATH: the path of the script for copying the user delegation proxy into the specified job sandbox (default: "/usr/bin/glite-cream-copyProxyToSandboxDir.sh")
  • CREAM_PURGE_SANDBOX_BIN_PATH: the path of the executable for purging the job sandbox (default: "/usr/bin/glite-ce-cream-purge-sandbox")
  • CREAM_PURGE_PROXY_FROM_SANDBOX_BIN_PATH: the path of the executable for purging the user delegation proxy from the job sandbox (default: "/usr/bin/glite-ce-cream-purge-proxy")
  • CREAM_JOB_SENSOR_HOST: enable this parameter (and set it to the hostname of the CREAM CE) if the CEMon job sensor plugin is installed (as needed for submissions via WMS/ICE) (default: parameter disabled)
  • CREAM_JOB_SENSOR_PORT: represents the port used by CREAM to get notifications from the CEMon job sensor plugin. Enable this parameter if the CEMon job sensor plugin is installed (as needed for submissions via WMS/ICE) (default: "49154")
  • MAX_LEASE_TIME: the maximum allowed lease time (in second). I.e. if a client specifies a lease time too big, this value is used instead (dafault: "36000")
  • LEASE_EXECUTION_RATE: specifies how often the job purger has to run. The value must be specified as minutes (default: "30")
  • GLEXEC_BIN_PATH: the path of the glexec executable (default: "/usr/sbin/glexec")
  • GLEXEC_CAT_CMD_PATH: is the pathname of the "cat" command invoked by CREAM via glexec (default: "/bin/cat")
  • BLAH_JOBID_PREFIX: represents a prefix for job names for BLAH. If the same BLAH parser serves multiple CREAM CEs, please choose a different value for each of these CREAM services. The value MUST be a string 6 characters long that starts with 'cr' and ends with '_' (default: "cream_")
  • BLAH_COMMAND_TIMEOUT: represents the maximum time interval (seconds) accepted by CREAM for the execution of commands by BLAH (default: "300")
  • BLPARSER_RETRY_COUNT: represents the number of attempts to contact the BLAH parser (if it is not reachable) before giving up. If -1 is specified, CREAM will never give up (default: "100")
  • BLPARSER_RETRY_DELAY: is the time interval (ms) between two attempts to contact the BLAH parser (default: "60000")
  • LRMS_EVENT_LISTENER_PORT: is the port used by CREAM to receive notifications about job status changes sent by the BLParser/JobWrapper (default: "49152")
  • HOST_SMP_SIZE: the default value for the hostsmpsize attribute (default: "2")
  • JOB_WRAPPER_TEMPLATE_PATH: the path where the JobWrapper template is placed (default: "/etc/glite-ce-cream/")
  • JOBS_SCRATCH_DIR: the tmp directory used by CREAM (dafault: "/var/tmp")
  • JOB_SUBMISSION_MANAGER_SCRIPT_PATH = "/usr/bin/glite_cream_load_monitor /etc/glite-ce-cream-utils/glite_cream_load_monitor.conf"
  • JOB_PURGE_POLICY: the policy concerning which jobs should be deleted by the automatic job purger and when. For example, if JOB_PURGE_POLICY is "ABORTED 1 days; CANCELLED 2 days; DONE-OK 3 days; DONE-FAILED 4 days; REGISTERED 5 days;" then the job purger will purge jobs which are:
    • in ABORTED status for more than 1 day
    • in CANCELLED status for more than 2 days
    • in DONE-OK status for more than 3 days
    • in DONE-FAILED status more than 4 days
    • in REGISTERED status for more than 5 days
  • JOB_PURGE_RATE: specifies how often the job purger has to run. The value must be specified as minutes (default "300")

-- LisaZangrando - 2012-12-04

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