The CREAM configuration for supporting SLURM (EMI-3)

CREAM interacts with the BLAH component which is an abstraction layer providing a unified interface to the underlying LRMS. Starting from the EMI-3 release the set of the supported LRMS has been extended by adding SLURM. This is a simply guide for configuring CREAM manually (the YAIM functions are not available yet) in order to enable the support of SLURM:

  • prerequisites: provide a host SLURM enabled (i.e. SLURM client already installed and configured)
  • install CREAM by the EMI-3 release (the installation steps are the same as described by System Administrator Guide for CREAM for EMI-2 release)
    • be sure to use the EMI-3 repositories
  • configure CREAM by YAIM
    • set your site-info.def as follows:
    • execute YAIM without the "-n LRMSnode" option:
      /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -d 6 -s /root/emi2/slurm-emi-site-info.def -n creamCE
  • edit the file /etc/sudoers.forcream and change the Cmnd_Alias value as follows:
    Cmnd_Alias GLEXEC_CMDS = /bin/echo, /bin/mkdir, /bin/cp, /bin/cat, /usr/bin/groups, /usr/bin/whoami, /bin/dd, /bin/mv, /usr/bin/id, /bin/kill, /usr/libexec/, /usr/libexec/, /usr/libexec/, /usr/libexec/, /usr/libexec/, /usr/bin/, /usr/bin/glite-cream-createsandboxdir, /usr/bin/glite-ce-cream-purge-sandbox, /usr/bin/glite-ce-cream-purge-proxy, /usr/bin/glite-ce-cream-create-wrapper, /bin/ls
  • download the file blah.config and copy it in /etc
  • restart the BLAH parser (i.e. BNotifier)
    /etc/init.d/glite-ce-blah-parser restart
  • restart CREAM
    service tomcat6 restart

-- LisaZangrando - 2013-01-21

Topic revision: r2 - 2013-01-21 - LisaZangrando

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