Release notes for CREAM 1.13.3

What's new

This is an update of the CREAM providing some bug fixes. In particular it addresses a problem of jobs stuck in a non terminal status while they finished, that can occur in certain cases (when there are also some problems with the blparser).

This update introduces also the Nagios probe for CREAM

Installation and configuration

See CREAM sysadmin guide.

Please note that yaim (re)configuration is required after installation/update

Configuration changes

New yaim variable (CREAM_CONCURRENCY_LEVEL) used to set the value cream_concurrency_level in cream configuration file. It specifies the maximum number of blah instances that can be used in parallel to interact with the batch system. Default value is 50.

Known issues

Please refer to the CREAM known issues page:

Documentation changes ================= Modified section "Tune the number of concurrent BLAH instances" of CREAM sysadmn guide

-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-11-26

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