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Testing Report for CREAM 1.13-3 (Savannah task #24022)

Deployment tests

Clean installation

Yum installation

yum installation log is available here

Yaim configuration

yaim configuration log is available here


Yum update

yum update log is available here

Yaim configuration

yaim configuration log is available here

System tests

Basic functionality tests

The output of the CREAM Test suite based on robot (see here for details) is available here.

Regression tests

  • Bug #79026 (config_cream_sudoers creates wrong sudoers file when the same gid is shared) TBD

Tried to use the JobDBAdminPurger.sh. It worked without reporting any issues:

# JobDBAdminPurger.sh -c /etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml -u xxxxx -p yyyy -s DONE-OK,0 
START jobAdminPurger
Job CREAM484355573 is going to be purged ...
- Job deleted. JobId = CREAM484355573
CREAM484355573 has been purged!

STOP jobAdminPurger

  • Bug #83238 (Sometimes CREAM does not update the state of a failed job) FIXED

Manually killed a job. Verified that the job output is:

******  JobID=[https://cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM181001530]
   Status        = [DONE-FAILED]
   ExitCode      = [N/A]
   FailureReason = [Job has been terminated (got SIGTERM)]

Submitted some jobs and then reconfigured the service with a different value of CREAM_SANDBOX_PATH. Then purged, with the JobDBAdminPurger.sh script, purged some jobs submitted before the switch.

Verified that:

  • that the jobs have been purged from the CREAM DB (i.e. a glite-ce-job-status should not find them anymore)
  • that the relevant CREAM sandbox directories have been deleted

$ ldapsearch -h cream-35.pd.infn.it -x -p 2170 -b "o=grid" | grep -i foreignkey | grep -i glueceuniqueid
GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID=cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest1
GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID=cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest2
GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID=cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamcert1

Entries have the right format:

GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID=<CREAM CE ID>

  • Bug #86191 (No info published by the lcg-info-dynamic-scheduler for one VOView) FIXED

Verified that:

ldapsearch -h cream-35 -x -p 2170 -b "o=grid" | grep -i GlueCEStateWaitingJobs | grep -i 444444

doesn't return anything

  • Bug #87361 ([ yaim-cream-ce ] The attribute cream_concurrency_level should be configurable via yaim) FIXED

Set in seiteinfo.def the variable CREAM_CONCURRENCY_LEVEL to 40. After configuration verified that in /etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml there is:


  • Bug #87492 (CREAM doesn't handle correctly the jdl attribute "environment") FIXED

Submitted the following JDL using glite-ce-job-submit:

Environment = {

When the job was in done status, retrieved the output and checked that in out.out the variables GANGA_LCG_VO, LFC_HOST and GANGA_LOG_HANDLER have exactly the values defined in the JDL.

Performance and scalability tests

See here for more information on these tests.

Description: Simple submission with polling

Summary: PASSED

cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 1000 -m 50 -C 50 -l log4py_test_01.conf -j simple.jdl -R cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest2

Output is here

Description: Submission and cancellation with polling

Summary: PASSED

cream-test-monitored-cancel -r 30 -n 1000 -m 50 -C 50 -l log4py_test_03.conf -j simple.jdl -R cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest2

Output is here

Description: Submission with polling and sandbox transfer

Summary: PASSED

cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 1000 -m 50 -C 50 -l log4py_test_05.conf -j testsb-cream-38.jdl -R cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest2

Output is here

Description: Simple submission with polling and proxy renewal

Summary: PASSED

cream-test-monitored-submit -r 60 -n 50 -m 10 -C 10 -l log4py.conf -j long.jdl  --vo dteam --valid 00:20 -R cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest2

Output is here

Description: Simple submission with polling and lease updated

Summary: PASSED

cream-test-monitored-lease-updated -r 60 -n 50 -m 10 -C 10 -l log4py_test_14.conf -W 1200 -R cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest2

Output is here

Standard compliance and conformance tests

Glue 1.3 and Glue 2.0 standard compliance is tested through Glue validator

Description: Glue 1.3 Conformance test

Summary : WARNING

Glue validator output is here.

The reported errors (which are not a serious problems) are due to bug #xxx in the lsf info provider (CREAM LSF module). These are not new errors and they haven't been introduced with this update.

Description: Glue 2.0 Conformance test

Summary: PASSED

Glue validator output is here

-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-11-09

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Unknown file formatlog yaim-inst-cream-1-13-3.log manage 405.9 K 2011-11-09 - 14:08 MassimoSgaravatto yaim log for CREAM-CE installation
Unknown file formatlog yum-inst-cream-1-13-3.log manage 419.3 K 2011-11-09 - 14:08 MassimoSgaravatto yum log for CREAM-CE installation
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