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CREAM-CE metrics

These metrics are used to test worker nodes submitting ad-hoc jdls which run some grid's checks.

  1. emi.wms.CREAMCE-JobState. Submits grid job to CREAMCE(s) using a given WMS. Accepts passive check updates from emi.wms.CREAMCE-JobMonit.
  2. emi.wms.CREAMCE-JobMonit. Monitors grid jobs submitted to CREAM-CE.
  3. emi.wms.CREAMCE-JobSubmit. Passive check. Holds terminal status of job submissiom to CREAM-CE.


Submit a grid job to a given CREAM-CE through a WMS. These are the generic parameters:

--wms <wms> WMS to be used for job submission. If not given, default WMProxy end-points defined on the UI will be used.
--jdl-templ <file> JDL template file (full path). Default: <emi.cream.ProbesLocation>/CREAM-jdl.template
--jdl-retrycount <val> JDL RetryCount (Default: 0).
--jdl-shallowretrycount <val> JDL ShallowRetryCount (Default: 1).
--timeout-job-discard <sec> Discard job after the timeout. (Default: 21600)
--prev-status <0-3> Previous Nagios status of the metric.

This is the default jdl template used for submission:

Executable = "<jdlExecutable>";
StdError = "gridjob.out";
StdOutput = "gridjob.out";
Arguments = "<jdlArguments>";
InputSandbox =  {"<jdlInputSandboxExecutable>", "<jdlInputSandboxTarball>"};
OutputSandbox = {"gridjob.out","wnlogs.tgz"};
RetryCount = <jdlRetryCount>;
ShallowRetryCount = <jdlShallowRetryCount>;
Requirements = other.GlueCEInfoHostName == "<jdlReqCEInfoHostName>";

To manage checks on the worker node it is used the executable nagrun.sh (see below). The arguments are dinamically composed by the metrics translating the ones given to the probes.

--mb-destination <dest> Mandatory parameter (if --no-mb is not specified). The destination queue/topic on Message Broker to publish to.
--mb-uri <URI> Message Broker URI. If not given, MB discovery will be performed on WN to find working MB.
Format for <URI>: [failover://\(]<uri>,[...][\)] <uri> - stomp://FQDN:port/ or http://FQDN/message
(Default: service discovery on WN.)
--mb-network <net> Brokers network for broker discovery on WN. (Default: PROD)
--mb-no-discovery Do not do broker discovery on WN. If a given <URI> is not accessible, WN part of the framework will exit with UKNOWN.
(Default: if <URI> is not given or not accessible from WN perform broker discovery in <net>.)
--mb-choice <best or random> How to choose MB on WN. 'best' - min response time. (Defalult: best)
--no-mb Do not send results messages to Message Broker

--timeout-wnjob-global <sec> Global timeout for a job on WN. (Default: 600)
--add-wntar-nag <d1,d2,..> Comma-separated list of top level directories with
Nagios compliant directories structure to be added
to tarball to be sent to WN.
--add-wntar-nag-nosam Instructs the metric not to include standard SAM WN
probes and their Nagios config to WN tarball.
(Default: WN probes are included)
--add-wntar-nag-nosamcfg Instructs the metric not to include Nagios
configuration for SAM WN probes to WN tarball. The
probes themselves and respective Python packages,
however, will be included.

--wnjob-location <dir> Full path to directory contaning WN scheduler.
(Default: <emi.cream.ProbesLocation>/wnjob)
--wn-verb <0-3> Metrics verbosity level on WN. [-v <VERBOSITY>]
(Default: 0)
--wn-verb-fw <0-3> Framework verbosity level on WN (Default: 1)

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