cream-test-monitored-lease-expired - submit a sequence of jobs and let the lease expires for each job

cream-test-monitored-lease-expired [OPTION] -R | --resourceURI RESOURCEURI

Submit a sequence of simple jobs with a specified rate. For each job either a lease is registered or a pre-registered lease is used; the lease is not renewed so the job must be cancelled by the service. The status of the job is retrieved using the GetStatus command.The test keeps a given number of job running on the CE.


  • -D --delegationType STRING specify the delegation management type: single, one delegated proxy for all submissions,or multiple, one delegated proxy per job (DEFAULT is single)

  • -h --help Print the man pages for this command

  • --interactive Enable the test control via terminal (EXPERIMENTAL)

  • -W --leaseTime NUMBER define the lease time in seconds for a lease, if it is not used a pre-registered lease id (DEFAULT 1200s)

  • -l --logConf STRING Set the location of the configuration file for log4py, (DEFAULT as provided by log4py)

  • -C --maxConcurrentSubmit NUMBER define the number of concurrent submit, (DEFAULT is 1)

  • -m --maxRunningJobs NUMBER set the max number of job which can be enqueued in the service (DEFAULT 100)

  • --nopurge Disable the purge operation for all jobs submitted (CRITICAL)

  • -n --numberOfJob NUMBER set the number of jobs to submit (DEFAULT 1)

  • -Q --queryType STRING speficy the polling mechanism used for retrieving the status of the jobs.
The supported types are event (new event query), list (internal job list used) or timestamp (query by timestamp). The default is event.

  • -r --rate NUMBER set the sleep time in seconds between two polling operations (DEFAULT 30s, Min 5s)

  • -R --resourceURI STRING define the URI of the resource under testing, the format is [:]/cream--. This option is mandatory and no default value is defined

  • --sotimeout NUMBER Socket timeout in seconds (DEFAULT 30s)

  • --valid STRING set the voms-proxy duration in the format HH:MM (DEFAULT 00:10)

  • --vo STRING set the VO name to be used for the test; this parameter is mandatory whenever X509_USER_CERT and X509_USER_KEY are defined, no default is available

  • GLITE_LOCATION location of gLite packages (DEFAULT=/opt/glite)

  • X509_USER_PROXY location of the user proxy

  • X509_USER_CERT location of the user certificate, this variable has priority upon the X509_USER_PROXY variable

  • X509_USER_KEY location of the user private key. The key must be protected by a passphrase.

  • MONITORED_LEASE_EXP_CONFIG_FILE location of the configuration file for this test. The configuration file contains a list of properties (the format is key=value); the set of keys correspond to the set of the long options of this test
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