CREAM-CE direct job submission metrics

These metrics are used to probe cream-ce using cream-cli commands.

  1. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobState. Direct job submission to CREAM-CE.
  2. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobMonit. Babysit submitted grid jobs.
  3. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DelegateProxy. Delegate proxy to CREAM CE
  4. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobCancel. Cancel active job.
  5. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-ServiceInfo. Get CREAM CE service info
  6. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-SubmitAllowed. Check if submission to the CREAM CE is allowed
  7. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobSubmit. Passive. Final status of direct job submission to CREAM CE


Direct submission to a CREAM-CE, which can be choosen using these parameters:

--resource <URI> CREAM CE to send job to. Format : <host>[:<port>]/cream-<lrms-system-name>-<queue-name>
If not given - resource discovery will be performed.
--ldap-uri <URI> Format [ldap://]hostname[:port[/]] (Default: ldap://
--prev-status <0-3> Previous Nagios status of the metric.

As specified if the destination CREAM-CE is not explicited a resuorce discovery will be performed using the given ldap server.

At the moment the template jdl used for submission is very simple:

Executable = "<jdlExecutable>";
Arguments = "<jdlArguments>";
StdOutput = "cream.out";
StdError = "cream.out";

where the Executable is the command "/bin/hostname/"


Monitors submitted grid jobs. Threaded implementation with one thread per monitored resource with max 10 threads. Passively updates emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobState with the latest state of the job according to CREAM when job is not in a terminal state. When job enters terminal state or was canceled the metric updates both emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobState and emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobSubmit with the final job status. The latter metrics are updated (as passive checks) either via Naigos command file or NSCA. emi.cream.CREAMCEDJS-DirectJobSubmit is the metric which goes to Metric Store Database.

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