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glite-ce-job-purge - Cleans one or more jobs from CREAM based CEs. After this operation the purged jobs can't be managed anymore.



glite-ce-job-purge [options] <jobId1> <jobId2> ... <jobIdn>



The command glite-ce-job-purge purges jobs from CREAM based CEs, i.e. any reference to these jobs is cancelled. Therefore after this operation it is not possible anymore to monitor (e.g. with the glite-ce-job-status command) or in some other way ``manage'' these jobs.

glite-ce-job-purge can purge one or more jobs: the jobs to be removed are identified by their job identifiers (job Ids returned by the glite-ce-job-submit command) provided as arguments to the command and separated by a blank space.

Before actually purging the considered jobs, the user is asked for confirmation.

It has to be remarked that a job can be purged only by his/her owner (i.e. the user who submitted it). Only the ``super-users'' can purge jobs submitted by other persons.

Job states for which the purge is allowed are:






For all the other job states the purge request will result in a failure. An error message is of course printed also if the specified jobId doesn't exist.

If the --all option is specified, all the jobs submitted to the interested CREAM CE (whose endpoint must be specified with the --endpoint option), owned by the user issuing the command, are purged. When the command is launched with the --all option, neither can a jobId be specified nor can the --input option be used.

The --input option permits to specify a file (file_name) that contains the jobIds to be removed. This file must be the one generated with the --output option of the glite-ce-job-submit or glite-ce-job-list commands. If the file file_name does not represent an absolute path, the file will be searched in the current working directory.

When a glite-ce-job-purge request is issued, the host name and the port number to be used to contact the CREAM service(s) are retrieved from the specified jobIds (which encompass this information) unless the --endpoint option is used. As stated before, the--endpoint option is mandatory if the --all option is used.



--help, -h
Displays command usage.

--conf file_name, -c file_name
Specifies the user specific configuration file.

--donot-verify-ac-sign, -A
Allows the execution of the command even if the VO voms server certificate is not installed.

--all, -a
Purges all known jobs in the specified (with the --endpoint option, which is mandatory in this case) CREAM CE, owned by the user issuing the command. This option can't be used either if one or more jobIds have been specified or if the --input option has been specified.

--endpoint host[:port], -e host[:port]
Selects the endpoint of the CREAM CE to send the purge request to. If the port is not specified, the port to be used is the one specified in the CREAM UI configuration file. If this option is not specified, the endpoint will be extracted from the JobID strings. The endpoint must have the format <host>:<port> or <host>.

--input file_name, -i file_name
Purges jobs whose Ids are contained in the file file_name. This option can't be used if the --all option has been specified as well.

--noint, -N
If this option is specified every interactive question to the user is skipped, and default values (yes; all: consider all jobs of the given list) will be considered.

--nomsg, -n
When this option is specified, any warning or info message is suppressed.

--debug, -d
When this option is specified, debugging information is displayed on the standard output and written also into the file glite-ce-job-purge_CREAM_<username>_<date>_<time>.log file under (by default) the /tmp/glite_cream_cli_logs directory.

--logfile file_name, -l file_name
When this option is specified, a command log file (whose pathname is file_name) is created.

--version, -v
Displays the version of the CREAM CLI software.



glite-ce-job-purge exits with a value of 0 if the cancel operation succeeds, >0 if errors occurred.



1. > glite-ce-job-purge --input joblist.txt
where joblist.txt is a file containing 2 jobIds, displays the following confirmation message:


a. Purge all jobs

q. Quit

Your choice ? (multiple choices separated by ',') a

Are you sure you want to purge specified job(s) [y/n]: y

2. > glite-ce-job-purge --endpoint --all --noint
purges all jobs, on the specified CREAM CE, owned by the user issuing the command.







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