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Regression Test Work Plan

Bug #79026 config_cream_sudoers creates wrong sudoers file when the same gid is shared


Bug #81561 Make JobDBAdminPurger script compliant with CREAM EMI environment.

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, simply run on the CREAM CE as root the JobDBAdminPurger.sh. E.g.:

# JobDBAdminPurger.sh -c /etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml -u <user> -p <passwd> -s DONE-FAILED,0 
START jobAdminPurger

It should work without reporting error messages:

Job CREAM595579358 is going to be purged ...
- Job deleted. JobId = CREAM595579358
CREAM595579358 has been purged!

STOP jobAdminPurger

Bug #83238 Sometimes CREAM does not update the state of a failed job

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, try to kill by hand a job.

The status of the job should eventually be:

   Status        = [DONE-FAILED]
   ExitCode      = [N/A]
   FailureReason = [Job has been terminated (got SIGTERM)]

Bug #83749 JobDBAdminPurger cannot purge jobs if configured sandbox dir has changed

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, submit some jobs and then reconfigure the service with a different value of CREAM_SANDBOX_PATH. Then try, with the JobDBAdminPurger.sh script, to purge some jobs submitted before the switch.

It must be verified:

  • that the jobs have been purged from the CREAM DB (i.e. a glite-ce-job-status should not find them anymore)
  • that the relevant CREAM sandbox directories have been deleted

Bug #84374 yaim-cream-ce: GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID: published using : instead of=

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, query the resource bdii of the CREAM-CE:

ldapsearch -h <CREAM CE host> -x -p 2170 -b "o=grid" | grep -i foreignkey | grep -i glueceuniqueid

Entries such as:

GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID=cream-35.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-creamtest1


GlueForeignKey: GlueCEUniqueID=<CREAM CE ID>

should appear.

Bug #86191 No info published by the lcg-info-dynamic-scheduler for one VOView

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, issue the following ldapsearch query towards the resource bdii of the CREAM-CE:

$ ldapsearch -h cream-35 -x -p 2170 -b "o=grid" | grep -i GlueCEStateWaitingJobs | grep -i 444444

It should not find anything

Bug #87361 The attribute cream_concurrency_level should be configurable via yaim

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, set in seiteinfo.def the variable CREAM_CONCURRENCY_LEVEL to a certain number (n). After configuration verify that in /etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml there is:


Bug #87492 CREAM doesn't handle correctly the jdl attribute "environment".

STATUS: Not implemented

To test the fix, submit the following JDL using glite-ce-job-submit:

Environment = {

When the job is done, retrieve the output and check that in out.out the variables GANGA_LCG_VO, LFC_HOST and GANGA_LOG_HANDLER have exactly the values defined in the JDL.

-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-11-07

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