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Troubleshooting guide for CREAM

1 Checks to be done after installation and configuration

1.1 Check via browser

Open your browser (where a valid certificate must be installed) to https://hostname-of-cream-ce:8443/ce-cream/services

A page with link to the CREAM WSDL should be shown

1.2 Check the CREAM log file

Check in the CREAM log file (/var/log/cream/glite-ce-cream.log) for the following strings:

CREAM started!

(BLParserClient) Connection with BLParser (xxx) correctly established

(Replace xxx with the name of your management system: lsf or pbs)

If they are not there, it means that CREAM has not started properly

1.3 Test glexec

  • Log on the CREAM CE
  • su tomcat -
  • Consider a user proxy (e.g. /tmp/user.proxy) for a user authorized to use that CREAM CE. This proxy file must belong to tomcat.tomcat
  • Issue the following:

export GLEXEC_MODE="lcmaps_get_account"
export GLEXEC_CLIENT_CERT=/tmp/user.proxy
/usr/sbin/glexec /usr/bin/id

This should return the id of the local user mapped to that Grid user

1.4 Test gridftp

Try a gsiftp (e.g. using globus-url-copy or uberftp) towards that CREAM CE. E.g.:

uberftp hostname-of-cream-ce>  "ls /etc"

1.5 Check if submissions are enabled

Try the following command from a UI:

glite-ce-allowed-submission <<hostname-of-cream-ce>>:8443

It should return:

Job Submission to this CREAM CE is enabled 

1.6 Try a direct submission

Try a submission to that CE using the glite-ce-job-submit command, e.g.:

$ /bin/cat test.jdl


$ glite-ce-job-submit -a -r alice16.spbu.ru:8443/cream-pbs-dteam test.jdl 

Check the status of that job, which eventually should be DONE-OK:

$ glite-ce-job-status https://alice16.spbu.ru:8443/CREAM336256203

******  JobID=[https://alice16.spbu.ru:8443/CREAM336256203]
   Status        = [DONE-OK]
   ExitCode      = [0]

1.7 Try a job cancellation

Try a submission to that CE using the glite-ce-job-submit command, and then try to cancel it (using the glite-ce-job-cancel command).

$ /bin/cat test.jdl


$ glite-ce-job-submit -a -r alice16.spbu.ru:8443/cream-pbs-dteam test.jdl 

$ glite-ce-job-cancel https://alice16.spbu.ru:8443/CREAM510970530

Check the status of that job, which eventually should be CANCELLED:

$ glite-ce-job-status https://alice16.spbu.ru:8443/CREAM510970530

******  JobID=[https://alice16.spbu.ru:8443/CREAM510970530
   Status        = [CANCELLED]
   ExitCode      = []
   Description   = [Cancelled by user]

1.8 Try a submission through the WMS

Try a submission to that CE through the WMS, i.e. using the glite-wms-job-submit command

2 Log files

In case of problems first of all check the log files. See http://wiki.italiangrid.org/twiki/bin/view/CREAM/ServiceReferenceCard#Logfile_locations_and_management for relevant information

3 Error messages

3.1 Batch system xxx not supported


$ glite-ce-job-submit -a -r cert-26.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-pbs-cream oo.jdl
2008-01-15 13:46:18,167 FATAL - MethodName=[jobRegister] Timestamp=[Tue 15
Jan 2008 13:46:18] ErrorCode=[0] Description=[system error]
FaultCause=[Batch System pbs not supported!]

This means that:

  • the batch system specified in the used CREAM CE id is not supported by that CREAM CE (this can be also because a wrong setting of the JOB_MANAGER variable, e.g. lcgpbs instead of pbs) or
  • when CREAM has been started, its BLParser was not running. In this case a error message is printed in the CREAM log file /var/log/cream/glite-ce-cream.log*) describing the problem. This message is something like:

org.glite.ce.cream.jobmanagement.cmdexecutor.blah.BLParserClient - initializeConnection: getting info about BLParser (xxx) from BLAH (retry count=yy/zz)
org.glite.ce.cream.jobmanagement.cmdexecutor.blah.BLParserClient - initializeConnection error: cannot get BLParser (lsf) HOST:PORT information from BLAH. Please, be sure that BLAH is properly configured and RESTART the CREAM service.

As batch system it is meant the value specified as JOB_MANAGER in the siteinfo.def. Please note that valid values are lsf, pbs and condor (and not lcgpbs, lcglsf, lcgcondor).

This value is reported in the /etc/blah.config file (attribute supported_lrms).

Suppose that you have lsf as this value.

As user tomcat from the CE node try the following:

$ /usr/bin/blahpd
$GahpVersion: 1.14.0 Mar 31 2008 INFN\ blahpd\ (poly,new_esc_format) $

This should return:


Then type:


It should return something like

lsf 0 lsf/cream-35.pd.infn.it:56565

If this is the case (i.e. you are getting a value such as this one) your problem is likely the second one (i.e. the blparser was not running when tomcat was started).

For LSF, check also in the /etc/blah.config if the path of lsf.profile is correct.

4 Other troubleshooting hints

4.1 Saving files on the worker node after job execution

Fore debugging purposes, it is possible to save the stdout, stderr and proxy files on the Worker Node after job execution.

This is done setting blah_debug_save_wn_files in /etc/blah.config on the CREAM CE node to an existing directory (on the WN) where the user running the job has the proper rights for writing.

A directory called XXX.debug will be created within the specified directory.

-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-04-27

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