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CREAM client testsuite

A test suite for detailed testing of the command line interface to submit to a CREAM CE.

Developers: Alessio Gianelle, Paolo Andreetto, Sara Bertocco

Location: org.glite.testsuites.ctb/CREAM/CREAM-cli

The test suite covers all the glite-ce-* available commands:

  • glite-ce-allowed-submission
  • glite-ce-delegate-proxy
  • glite-ce-disable-submission
  • glite-ce-enable-submission
  • glite-ce-get-cemon-url
  • glite-ce-job-cancel
  • glite-ce-job-lease
  • glite-ce-job-list
  • glite-ce-job-purge
  • glite-ce-job-resume
  • glite-ce-job-status
  • glite-ce-job-submit
  • glite-ce-job-suspend
  • glite-ce-proxy-renew

The main goal of this testsuite is to check the behaviour of each of the commands listed above, with different meaningful options for every command (options such as help, version and debug are not considered). Testing the behaviour of the service is out of the scope of this suite, the result of the operation on the server side is not considered, nevertheless the command must be able to manage correctly any result reported by the service.

Every command handles a large number of faults and errors reported by the service, reproducing all these errors for each test is not viable; the aim of this suite is to check just the fault handling so where it is possible a single fault, representing a class of errors, is generated and tested.

In several cases the test for a client command requires the execution of another one first, with a well defined set of options, in order to prepare the environment for the test. The latter should be considered as "already tested", so the certifier should follow a specific order in the execution of the testsuite. Each test reports the list of prerequisites.

Most of the scripts contained into the testsuite require the submission of one or more jobs, in general for these submissions a very simple JDL file is used (example.jdl), the executable defined into this jdl is a just simple "sleep" with no ISB/OSB movement.


This test performs several delegation calls on the server (command glite-ce-delegate-proxy) with any combination of --logfile and --conf options; then it tries to re-delegate the same ID in order to generate a fault on the server side.


This test performs a renewal of a proxy delegated on the server side (command glite-ce-proxy-renew) with any combination of --logfile and --conf options and tries a renewal of an missing proxy in order to test the fault handling. Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-delegation.sh


This test carries out several submissions (command glite-ce-job-submit) with:
  • --autm-delegation
  • --delegationid the delegation ID is given by previously calling the delegation operation
  • --output writing the job ID on a newly created file first and then appending the output on an existing one
  • --logfile
  • --conf

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-delegation.sh


This test retrieves the status of an existing job (command glite-ce-job-status) with different verbosity levels (--level option)
  • --input check the status of a set of jobs using a file of jobids
  • --conf

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh


This test retrieves the status of a group of existing jobs (command glite-ce-job-status) specifying:
  • --all
  • any combination of --status, --from, --to options

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh


This test interrupts the execution of one or more existing jobs (command glite-ce-job-cancel) specifying:
  • the ID of a submitted job
  • --all options

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh


This test suspends the execution of one or more existing jobs (command glite-ce-job-suspend) specifying:
  • the ID of a submitted job
  • --all options

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh


This test resumes the execution of one or more previously suspended jobs (command glite-ce-job-suspend) specifying:
  • the ID of a submitted job
  • --all options

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-suspend.sh


This test removes any data from the service about one or more jobs (command glite-ce-job-purge) specifying:
  • the ID of a submitted job
  • --all options

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh


This test prints the list of submitted jobs (command glite-ce-job-list) with any combination of --logfile and --conf options.

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh


This test checks the behaviour of the commands for submission management (glite-ce-enable-submission, glite-ce-disable-submission, glite-ce-allowed-submission)


This test retrieves the URL of cemonitor (command glite-ce-get-cemon-url) with any combination of --logfile and --conf options.

-- AlessioGianelle - 03 Jun 2008

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