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PATCH 3179

Automatic tests:

Checked bugs:

  • Bug #37430: BLParser should properly filter it's log output

  • Bug #45364: BLAH_JOB_CANCEL should report failure reason

  • Bug #46419: CREAM sandbox area should be scratched when the CREAM DB is scratched

  • Bug #47070: [ yaim-cream ] yaim cream module should support remote mysql setup

  • Bug #47254: Possible problems if the proxy used to talk with CREAM is shorter than 10 minutes 

  • Bug #47804: Possible problems configuring blah in CREAM-CE for LSF 

  • Bug #48786: Load should be one of the parameter of DISABLE_SUBMISSION_POLICY in CREAM 

  • Bug #49497: user proxies on CREAM do not get cleaned up 

  • Bug #50226: yaim-cream-ce should use config_secure_tomcat  

  • Bug #50723: CREAM: check for the jobtype is not case insensitive  

  • Bug #50875: CREAM: reason for cancelled jobs should be reported 

  • Bug #50876: CREAM reports that the proxy expired even when the problem is in detecting the lifetime of the proxy 

  • Bug #51046: CREAM: DelegProxyInfo info sometimes is wrong 

  • Bug #51118: config_cream_glexec doesn't set glexec permissions right 

  • Bug #51124: catalina.out is clogged with grid-proxy-init warnings 

  • Bug #51128: lcas-suexec.db on CREAM CE should be named lcas-glexec.db for consistency 

  • Bug #51249: [ yaim-cream-ce ] refactor config_cream_db 

  • Bug #51310: Wrong event timestamp 

  • Bug #51311: Wrong event timestamp generated by the CREAM Job Sensor 

  • Bug #51313: CEMon must not notify the expired events. 

  • Bug #51705: glexec-wrapper.sh should be removed from CREAM RPM 

  • Bug #51706: yaim-cream-ce: remove "lcg" prefix from JOB_MANAGER 

  • Bug #51892: Exception when using java.text.DateFormat.parse 

  • Bug #51928: BLAH crashes if the cerequirements classad attribute is malformed 

  • Bug #51978: CREAM can be slow to start 

  • Bug #51993: Proxy renewal not very efficient for multiple jobs having the same delegationid 

  • Bug #52020: [ yaim-cream-ce ] Support use of file (besides syslog) for glexec logging 

  • Bug #52050: misleading error message "The problem seems to be related to glexec" 

  • Bug #52051: CEMon must remove all expired subscriptions on start-up 

  • Bug #52052: Sometimes the getInfo() operation does not report the right list of topics. 

  • Bug #52268: BLAH leaves files in /tmp when CErequirements is set 

  • Bug #52577: [ yaim-cream-ce ] create CREAM_GLEXEC_USER_HOME variable  

  • Bug #52651: CREAM file descriptor overuse 

  • Bug #52719: Blah doesn't set the 'executable' flag if a local jobwrapper is found 

  • Bug #52942: Missing description for ISB/OSB error in jobwrapper 

  • Bug #53124: blparser_master could crash if some variable in blparser.conf are not set 

  • Bug #53459: [CREAM] Provide method to improve the detection of job status changes by ICE 

  • Bug #53499: CREAM job wrapper template should be put outside the jar 

  • Bug #54812: lsf_submit.sh job requirement 

  • Bug #54900: [ glite-yaim-cream-ce ] config_cream_tomcat_user should not add tomcat to VO groups 

  • Bug #54949: Some job can remain in running state when BLParser is restarted for both lsf and pbs 

  • Bug #55078: Possible final state not considered in BLParserPBS and BUpdaterPBS 

  • Bug #55420: Allow admin to purge CREAM jobs in a non terminal status 

  • Bug #55438: BUpdater problems in updating job state with AssignFinalState for all batch systems 

  • Bug #55531: BUpdaterPBS should consider lines like "unable to run job" 

  • Bug #55565: BLAH configuration attribute blah_disable_wn_proxy_renewal fails to disable proxy renewal. 

  • Bug #56075: Job failure reasons missing in the CREAM log file 

  • Bug #56339: [blah] "service glite-ce-blparser restart" does not always work 

  • Bug #56367: CREAM RPM depends on C libs 

  • Bug #56518: BLAH blparser doesn't start after boot of the machine 

  • Bug #56697: CREAM logging must be improved when CREAM register operation fails 

  • Bug #56762: CREAM doesn't accept anymore jobs with NodeNumber and/or CpuNumber ! 

  • Bug #57210: BLAH condor_submit script doesn't recognize certain options. 

  • Bug #57307: condor_submit.sh does not support the handling of "local" attributes 

  • Bug #57820: [yaim-cream-ce] CREAM-CE publishes GlueServiceDataValue incomplete 

  • Bug #58103: Cream database Query performance. 

  • Bug #58109: Wrong value for the "service version" property 

  • Bug #58119: CREAM CE: publish Production instead of Special as default value for GlueCEStateStatus 

  • Bug #59423: RFE: support for ISB/OSB transfers from/to gridftp servers running using credentials 

  • Bug #58659: NullPointerException from getStatus 

  • Bug #58792: JobRegister fails, because cream_sandbox directory doesn't exist. 

  • Bug #58941: [yaim-cream-ce] lcmaps confs for glexec and gridftp are not fully synchronized (TM) 

  • Bug #59005: Possible problem with hold/resumed jobs in BUpdaterLSF 

  • Bug #59329: Proxy symlinks left in the registry area until purged 

  • Bug #59686: Possible crash of BUpdarePBS due to wrong malloc 

  • Bug #59962: Sometimes the CREAM initialization fails with "UserId = ADMINISTRATOR is not enable for that operation!" error 

  • Bug #60831: Error log message: "CREAM_JOB_SENSOR_HOST parameter not specified!" 

  • Bug #61322: CREAM jw doesn't set GLITE_WMS_RB_BROKERINFO 

  • Bug #61407: Set CE_ID in the cream jw 

  • Bug #61493: [ yaim-cream-ce ] glexec_get_account policy order is wrong 

-- AlessioGianelle - 2010-02-05

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