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PATCH 5073

Automatic tests

Checked bugs

  • Bug #78565: CREAM CE and truncation of Arguments
    • Submitted the following JDL:

Arguments = "-V 'lhcb' '/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=romanov/CN=427293/CN=Vladimir Romanovskiy' -o /Resources/Computing/CEDefaults/PilotType=private";
inputsandbox = {"printargs.sh"};
stdoutput = "outout";
outputsandbox = {"outout"};

with printargs.sh equal to:

echo "1st: $1"
echo "2nd: $2"
echo "3rd: $3"
echo "4th: $4"
echo "5th: $5"

The resulting outout file is now:

1st: -V
2nd: lhcb
3rd: /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=romanov/CN=427293/CN=Vladimir Romanovskiy
4th: -o
5th: /Resources/Computing/CEDefaults/PilotType=private

In the buggy version it was:

1st: -V
2nd: 'lhcb'
3rd: '/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=Organic
4th: Units/OU=Users/CN=romanov/CN=427293/CN=Vladimir
5th: Romanovskiy'

Clean installation

Installation steps:

wget http://repository.egi.eu/sw/production/cas/1/current/repo-files/EGI-trustanchors.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/EGI-trustanchors.repo
wget http://grid-deployment.web.cern.ch/grid-deployment/glite/repos/3.2/glite-TORQUE_server.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-TORQUE_server.repo
wget http://grid-deployment.web.cern.ch/grid-deployment/glite/repos/3.2/glite-TORQUE_utils.repo -O  /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-TORQUE_utils.repo
wget http://grid-deployment.web.cern.ch/grid-deployment/glite/repos/3.2/glite-CREAM.repo -O  /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CREAM.repo
wget http://etics-repository.cern.ch/repository/pm/registered/repomd/name/patch_5076_1/etics-registered-build-by-name.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/patch5073_cert.repo
yum clean all
yum update 
yum install ca-policy-egi-core -y
Release of CREAM CE 1.6.8 uses c-ares 1.3.0-4. In particular it will not be possible to update/install the node to c-ares 1.6 due to unsatisfied dependencies.For this reason, if the slc5-updates repository (which contains c-ares 1.6) is enabled, c-ares will need to excluded. For clean installation adding an exclude line to the .repo file: in /etc/yum.repos.d/slc5-updates.repo added exclude=c-ares This known issue is also valid for the main SL5 repository in SL5.6, the same workaround can be applied on the main sl5 repository.
yum install xml-commons-apis
yum install glite-CREAM
yum install glite-TORQUE_utils glite-TORQUE_server -y
/opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n creamCE -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils

  • View the log of yum for a clean installation
  • View the log of yaim for a clean installation (TORQUE is used)

Upgrade from production

  • Upgrade steps:
    cd /etc/yum.repos.d
    wget  http://etics-repository.cern.ch/repository/pm/registered/repomd/name/patch_4692_1/etics-registered-build-by-name.repo
    yum update
    /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n creamCE -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils
  • View the log of yum for an upgrade
  • View the log of yaim for an upgrade (TORQUE is used)

-- SaraBertocco - 2011-10-05

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