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Check bugs:

  • BUG #36413: FIXED
    • Shut down the service
    • Insert the following tag into the file: /opt/glite/etc/glite-ce-monitor/cemonitor-config.xml
        <subscription id="subscription-1"
          <topic name="CREAM_JOBS">
            <dialect name="CLASSAD" />
          <policy rate="30">
            <query queryLanguage="ClassAd">true</query>
            <action name="SendNotification" doActionWhenQueryIs="true" />
            <action name="SendExpiredNotification" doActionWhenQueryIs="false" />
      specifying the correct address_of_the_consumer and DN_of_the_consumer values
    • start the CEMonitor consumer with SSL support
    • start the service
    • more than one notification must appear on the output of the CEMonitor consumer

  • BUG #36469: FIXED
    • same recipe as for bug #36413 but specify two different subscriptions, the first one refers to a not existing consumer
    • start both consumer and service
    • notifications must appear on the output of the CEMonitor consumer and and error must be logged on the CEMonitor log

  • BUG #37683: FIXED
    • shut down the BLParser daemon (/opt/glite/etc/init.d/glite-ce-blparser stop)
    • submit a job to the related CE and verify that the fault reason is "The job cannot be submitted because the blparser service is not alive"
    • restart the BLParser daemon and wait 5 minutes
    • submit a job a new job and verify the correct execution

  • BUG #37851: FIXED
    • change the permission mask of the the file /opt/glite/sbin/glexec from 4750 to 750
    • submit a job, specifying the inputsandbox, and verify that the fault reason contains: "The problem seems to be related to glexec"

  • BUG #38420: NOT FIXED
    • set the following parameters:
      <parameter name="JOB_PURGE_RATE" value="5" /> <!-- minutes -->
          <parameter name="JOB_PURGE_POLICY" value="ABORTED 5 minutes ; CANCELLED 5 minutes ; 
                             DONE-OK 5 minutes ; DONE-FAILED 5 minutes ; REGISTERED 5 minutes ;" />
      in the commandexecutor section of the cream configuration
    • submit a short-lived job (10 minutes) and verify the "really-running" status
    • wait 20 minutes and verify that the job has been purged

    • to be verified with a profiler

    • to be verified with a profiler

  • BUG #40331: FIXED
    • insert the following tag:
          <plugin name="ban-plugin"
            <parameter name="blackListFile"
                       value="/opt/glite/etc/glite-ce-cream/banned.lst" />
      in the authzchain section of the cream configuration
    • insert the user DN into the file /opt/glite/etc/glite-ce-cream/banned.lst
    • restart the service
    • execute a glite-ce-job-list and verify that the fault contains "policyDecision"

  • BUG #40920: FIXED
    • trivial to test

-- PaoloAndreetto - 09 Sep 2008

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