Test Forward Requirements with a CREAM CE

Some issues found

  • Problem submitting via WMS+ICE, the parameters to be forwarded specified in the Requirements attribute of the .jdl classad are NOT considered and ICE does not send them to the CE, therefore the classad passed to BLAH does not contain them. Direct submission to the CREAM CE works using the CERequirements attribute in the .jdl to specify the requirements to be forwarded
  • Problem in the 'lsf_submit' that can't find the ce-req-file-* file, as explained in bug, https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?41716

Fixing the two issues above makes the forward requirement functionality work also for a CREAM CE.

The following was done for testing

  • Used a CREAM CE (devel03.cnaf.infn.it) installed with the CREAM CE precertification repository and the following: glite-blah-local-submit-attributes-lsf-3.0.10-1 glite-ce-blahp-1.10.5-0.slc4
  • Submitted the following .jdl via WMS:
cat myjob_forwardReq.jdl
Type = "Job";
JobType = "normal";
InputSandbox = { "file:///home/emolinar/test.sh"};
VirtualOrganisation = "dteam";
Arguments="Hello ";
CERequirements = ( "other.GlueHostMainMemoryRAMSize > 300" );
Requirements = ( RegExp("devel03",other.GlueCEUniqueID));
Rank = 0;
myproxy = myproxy.cnaf.infn.it;
fuzzyrank = true;
OutputSandboxBaseDestUri = "gsiftp://atlfarm007.mi.infn.it/home/emolinar/";
RetryCount = 0;
ShallowRetryCount = 3;

  • checked that the 'blahjob*' created that will be executed in the wn contains the right information for the attributes to be forwarded, the following: #BSUB -R "select[mem>=300]"

-- ElisabettaMolinari - 16 Sep 2008

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