General protocol how to test a whole new WMS release

- Test all the modes supported by the init scripts (i. e. start/stop/restart/graceful). Clear out previously created working directories and files. repeatedly try start, stop, restart etc.

- Start with a job for each supported job type:

  • Single job
  • Collection (two ways of specifying the JDL for compound jobs, directly including the ClassAd or pointing to another file)
  • Parametric job
  • DAG
  • MPI
- jobs should be sent to both CREAM and LCG-CE
- test fuzzy ranking for collections and compound jobs in general

- Try a listmatch

- Try cancelling requests for single, collection and DAG jobs

- Functionality

  • check that both shallow and deep resubmission work (in particular check that the token is created)
  • try out the file perusal
  • check that the Maradona file is remotely copied to the job sandbox
  • test zipped and unzipped ISB
  • test gridsite delegation protocols 1/2 in all their possible combinations
  • make sure that the proxy is deregistered after a job completes
  • make sure that the ISM does not get empy from time to time
  • check how the brokerinfo file is generated (glite-brokerinfo getCE)
  • ...
- Interoperability

  • Send jobs to ARC and OSG computing elements
- General recommendations
  • keep an eye to the memory occupation, if it grows too large fast it could be related to purchasing. set the purchasing rate to a very low value. If it grows on massive job submission the cause is to be searched elsewhere
  • cause a job to be purged by each component (wmproxy, wm, ice etc.) and see what happens
  • ...

-- MarcoCecchi - 15 Jul 2009

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